3rd May 2023.

I’ve let Matt use my season ticket for City’s title party, his first time seeing the League trophy lifted. Getting a bit boring now.

A fortnight ago I had two games in a week, and after the walk back from Lowton on the Wednesday I fell asleep in Cathedral Gardens, a sure sign of old age.

Dave asked whether the National Football Museum is worth a visit and it’s certainly an essential trip for United fans wanting to see grainy black and white film of their last League wins. I believe there’s also a collection of all of Blackpool Jane’s confectionery wrappers from away trips.

I must have fell asleep for an hour, and was woke by these two fellas. I believe they’re a species of the duck family.

Manchester was heaving just before six; I really should have popped in Sinclairs but while I can live with the keg stout the plastic glasses don’t agree with me.

Instead I headed for an early tea at Cafe Marhaba in Manchester’s scruffiest alley.

In truth, it’s not as much a bargain as This & That,

but the Special Nihari at £9 with chapatis is, I reckon, as authentic as it comes outside Bratfud. Of which more soon.

Manchester really comes alive on match nights, the pub mascot sellers out in force in Ancoats.

And on a glorious night City moved to pole position against West Ham, despite allowing the Hammers an option of two goals to shoot into.

One downer. With yet more Trans Pennine cancellations I had to leave 10 minutes early and missed Super Phil Foden’s 3rd, but surprised myself with a 27 minute sprint along an empty canal path that allowed me to catch a slightly delayed train home to Sheffield and be back in time for a Doom Bar in the Globe.


    1. Depends. I left early so if they counted after 81 minutes it would be 3,239.

      Never mind VAR, football games played with extra goals (like you see in Women’s football in Scotland) is a crime.


  1. The building that houses the National Football Museum is on the site of what was once Manchester Sports Guild, a music venue that specialised in folk, blues and jazz and featured some star names at its height. I’ve got a couple of albums recorded there in the sixties.

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