April 2023.

Not as good a film as “East of Ipswich”, for those of you who remember that classic.

Another pub that they’ve put in the Guide because there’s no way BRPA can get there on public transport, though he could walk from Scunthorpe if he’s not distracted by Scunny’s embryonic* craft scene.

Our journey across Lincolnshire straight lines was charmless, though we did pass the point on the A15 where in 1993 a German motorhome decided to reverse into my Pop Plus rather than go round the imminent roundabout to the services. Oh how we laughed (diagram available on request to Patronised readers).

Never been to Scotter, always thought they were a 1996 UK Eurovision entry, but it’s all happening;

Photo Booth hire, Karen’s Slimming World, Body and Sole (a fish and chip shop ?) and our new Guide entry replete with threatening skies and grandstand view of the Scotton Scuttlers FC stadium.

Awful bit of ageism spotted here, as the book swap is limited to children so I can’t sway my copy of Moby Dick for some Mark Crilley.

Inside the Three Horseshoes you’re greeted by a flurry of brewery signs. I like to imagine Paul Mudge has a room like this;

Despite a clear emphasis on dining again (it opens at 6) we found it welcoming and pubby,

with flagstone floors and some proper seating with the Old Boys at the bar.

I thought the prices looked a bit too good to be true,

but the house Theakstons was decently priced (compared to the bottle of Frobishers that took an age to find a price for),

a cool, rich pint (3.5) that reminded you you’re almost in the North here.

Two irresistibly dour locals were expressing their lack of love for the coronation, and the pub was pleasingly bunting free too.

That sense of irreverence continued into the Gents, one of the best of the year…

*More amoeba to be honest.

6 thoughts on “SOUTH OF SCUNTHORPE

  1. “I like to imagine Paul Mudge has a room like this;”. No, you can move there. Mine’s too cluttered.

    Hewitt’s Brewery in Grimsby closed on 19th April 1968. In 1961 it had been taken over by United Breweries which the following year merged with Charringtons, hence most of the bottled beers on the price list being theirs.
    ( Watneys Red Barrel was very nearly double the price of the Hewitts draught beers )
    I can recommend the “Beer, Hope and Charity: Hewitt’s Grimsby Brewery Remembered” book written by Graham Larn who is active on Discourse.

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  2. Translation for normal readers:

    Flagstones: Bricks (or quarry tiles).
    Ducks: Seagulls or any other foul
    West (or any point of the compass): East (or any other point of the compass)


      1. I don’t appear to know the difference between fowl and foul, so you’re doing fine at this point, Martin.


      2. A fowl is an attack ON a Manchester City player (no caution); a foul is a minor infringement BY a Manchester City player (instant red card).

        Hope that helps.


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