14th April 2023.

The last pub from the Big Brum Bender (aka curated Birmingham beer exploratory), as we called it quits after seven eight pubs at the crafty Rock and Roll Brewhouse.

It’s the rule on these Proper Pub Days Out that everyone does ALL the pubs, unless it’s a shisha bar selling Jamaican tonic wine, and we shrugged off the complaints of the traditionalists as we entered Brum’s beating heart of craft,

the Rock and Roll Brewhouse.

Moved from my last visit, apparently, but who cares ?

Life After Football has finally graced us with his take on this classic Jewellery Quarter brewery bar,

and all I can add to his report is “Look at Paul Bailey’s hat !”.

On my 2018 visit I raved about Jimmy the Hoover. This time I will enthuse about the soundtrack,

the seating,

the art,

the staff, and the beer.

Honestly, the best beer of the day, even in a half-pint Purity mug (why ?).

Love, love, love, the little snugs, particularly the one with the “Technique” motif.

You remember “Techinique” ?

It was heaving, a real mix of folk. I had no idea what the Pauls thought but they seemed a bit mellow by now.

Great soundtrack, too. This one, in fact;

Somehow, I felt I couldn’t leave without a half of the Cocteau Twins brew.

Blimey. It might be homebrew, but it was GREAT homebrew.

3 thoughts on “ROCK & ROLL, YEAH !

  1. “I had no idea what the Pauls thought” – I can’t speak for t’other one but like a Werherspoons venue with EVERYTHING upstairs and noisier but better beer.

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