14th April 2023.

Prop Up The Bar, aka Oxford Nick, has finally posted on the Brum Bender (here). I’m delighted he’s blogged on the day, as I can nick his best lines and refer to the “Davenports Smut” without actually putting the photos on here.

Nick even did his own map, but I’ll stick with my own even though we never made it past “G”.

Point “B” is one of the Brum GBG perennials, along with the fragrant Wellington we somehow missed out.

The POV was built with multiple hidden entrances specifically to confuse Paul Bailey,

but Paul used his commando techniques (not that one) to track us down.

It’s a good job Paul found us, as we were the only five customers till a couple of lads tipped up just as we left. Lunchtime drinking is dead, we thought. A shame, as the barfolk were charming and it’s a lovely place to drink.

I wasn’t helping cask sales, sticking to a second alcohol free beer of the day (it really had been a heavy Wednesday).

I know many of you, particularly the Patronised readers, only read this for the Cissyrone tasting notes, so I can tell you the Beavertone Lazer Crush had a lovely busy can design.

Whatever happened to Beavertown, by the way ? They used to be everywhere.

For Mark Shirley, here’s the billiards table.

And here’s the soundtrack.

Still a good place, and not musty at all (we were still fragrant at this point).

Out in the fresh air, I reiterated my belief that we’d have visited the Art Gallery, had it not been shut to remove all the unwoke paintings.

Some of that unwoke art would be found in our next stop.


  1. It’s the closed gallery that’s stalling our Brummie Bendor (sic), apparently they have a recently rediscovered painting by Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger featuring a cidermaking scene and I want to touch it.

    Talking of which, when he finishes his quest can we award Si the status of ‘Retired Martin the Younger’!

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