24th March 2023.

Our second North Kesteven tick of the night is deep in the heart of an area I can only describe as “Greater Martin”;

That’s me, down in the bottom-right corner, just above Sots Hole. Really, I think Lincs make these names up.

Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Witham St Hugh, and on it goes,

And if the names aren’t made up, the opening hours probably are. This is the Ripon Arms in Nocton, whose Wiki entry includes the classic “During the reign of Elizabeth I the site passed to Henry Stanley (Lord Strange) who built … ?“. The question mark is telling.

It’s a community pub, which shares a community building with various groups set up to ensure that BRAPA never visits. And they may succeed; it’s impossible to get to the Ripon Arms by public transport from York during opening hours, and I certainly shan’t be driving him there.

Mrs RM couldn’t spot it in its disguise (top), and the GBG App cunningly places it on a different street, near Dancing Dungarees and Tilly Eats Cake.

At last it clicked. Mrs RM said she’d wait for me. It looked scary,

but inside it’s your typical modern sports club bar.

And very jolly it was too, and the welcome (“So so sorry to keep you waiting”), and the Shadow Bridge beer was excellent, cool and rich (NBSS 3.5). A worth GBG entry.

A heated discussion about Survivor was ensuing as I re-joined Mrs RM.

NOTHING matched “Eye of the Tiger” !“.

Has Lincolnshire never heard this ?

3 thoughts on “SPOT THE PUB

  1. “NOTHING matched “Eye of the Tiger” !“.
    When that was out I thought it was about an Asian mountaineer – “Thai of the Eiger”.

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