30th January 2023.

Before you ask, I didn’t walk UP the 15 floors to my Haymarket Premier Inn,

but I did walk down. The cheapest price I’ve ever paid for a central hotel in Premier Inn; is Monday the new Sunday ?

Pub 3, a quick hop into the Old Market, which bizarrely gets its own geographic subheading in the Good Beer Guide.

The Stag & Hounds is another Bristol pub that looks makes sense once you get inside, though writing on (historic) walls and ancient adverts for Sky Sports probably explain why I’ve never assumed it was a GBG entry before.

Amazingly, I arrived at this sign on the door,

just as Sisyphus was trending on Twitter, which is probably why top readers like Etu and the Pauls stay well clear of Twitter.

For many years, I thought that completing the GBG was the equivalent of rolling a boulder to the top of Blake Street, and I’d never make it either.

The Stag is a scruffy little student-focused gem, one of the most rambling and creakiest pubs in the Guide.

Heading straight upstairs to the Gents (miles away) you find room after room of tat.

But that’s OK. As long as the tat isn’t in my house.

If this was a museum in Stokes Croft called “Stuff” you’d probably happily pay £2.50 for the joy of 19th century water pumps, peeling maps and this 1974 World Cup poster.

Why is it here ? Who cares ?

Who knew Ushers had pub signs as good as this ?

What is the beer like ? Who cares ?

More Bristol Beer Factory, their Fortitude getting better after a slow start but stalling at NBSS 3. But vitally, only 2 pumps and other folk were drinking it. The bloke who ordered it after me probably had a 3.25 pint. I’m all heart.

5 thoughts on “THE JOY OF CREAKY PUBS

  1. The Farm! Decent little pub in St Werburghs. Haven’t been there for over 30 years.
    The portico of the Stag Nounds (Krek Bristawl pronunciation) saw the annual ceremonial proclamation of the Court of Pie Powder (I’m not making this up) until the disastrous local government changes of 1974. (Ask Mudgie)

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  2. I thought that my Special Invisibility Rough Plastered Shirt and Pine Panelled Trousers had outgrown their usefulness, but apparently not.

    Martin’s blog is where we come for good news.

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