26th January 2023.

I only just made the bus back from Eccleshill back into town to catch the next bus out to the Watchmaker’s in the west,

but in their defence First Bradford or whatever they’re called are nice buses and it’s not their fault I always cock up by putting the bar code on my Day Rider face down rather than face up.

So a mere 45 minutes after finishing my pint of Salamander in the Greedy Pig I was 5 miles out in the suburb of Thornton, which isn’t where the chocolates come from, unfortunately.

The Bronte sisters (they had a number 1 with Wuthering Heights in 1977, I believe) were from here, but escaped to Haworth when the sight of craft beer hipsters became too much and all they wanted was a nice pint of Landlord (it says here).

I love these views, and I love the little courtyard that houses the GBG entry and some art studios.

Mostly I love it because they share some nice loos you can use after you’ve left the pub so folk don’t comment on your weak bladder, to be fair.

It’s more bar than micro, the office workers who come in later with lanyards all order coke and Beavertown, which is the same thing, and I don’t see a lot of call for the cask, though my Ram Tam Landlord Dark is cool and lovely (3.5).

The sun shines on the righteous, and delivers them good beer in January.

Sadly, it doesn’t deliver them a No. 671 bus back to Bradford so I have to find another impromptu loo stop (sorry).

Back in Bratfud I find it’s actually illegal NOT to have a curry, with trains to Leeds every half hour, and decide to tick the Karachi.

Trust me, you need a guide to find the entrance, it’s the micropub of curry houses.

It’s also a bit of a celebrity curry house, as Rick Stein featured it on a programme called “places that look sketch but trust me, they’re worth it” or something.

By 6pm there’s two dozen patrons, all white (is that racist), some of them asking for the Korma not to be “too hot”. I decide to forego both the menu and cutlery because I’m hardcore.

Curry Heute has the Karachi in his Top 100 curry houses, though he’s reported the signature Kofta Palak (meatballs in spinach) a bit on the mild side on recent visits.

Well, either I’m a weakling, or the Karachi has turned up the spice since Hector’s last visit. This really was a top experience up there with the Kashmir and the International.

I reckon these beer and curry trips to Bradford may become a monthly event, but I’ll stick to walking, thanks.


  1. I love the photo of the cobbled street ! I would love to have a “proper ” curry in Bradford -my husband & his mates experienced them many moons ago (a couple of them went to Uni there & curry was on the menu after a night in the union ) Sadly my future husband was not au fait with curry at the time & he had chicken & chips -wimp ! These days he would be tucking into a madras with his fingers -he has made progress

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  2. The chocolates used to come from Sheffield Archer Road in the Millhouses/Woodseats area then they moved to Belper and then Swanwick


  3. How come tickets seen to have weak bladders? I’m a tad older than you and considerably older than BRAPA yet I have a bladder of steel. Maybe that would change if I started ticking the GBG.


    1. If you sprinkle
      When you tinkle
      Be a sweetie
      Wipe the seatie.
      Long long ago a friend in in Penkridge had that notice by her toilet.


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