18th January 2023.

At last, a second tick of the day on the Brum/Tamworth toddle (is toddle a word ?).

The Old Bank opened at 4:00, the train back to Derby, where I would jump off and back on a train headed for Sheffield, left at 4:20. It would be tight.

Particularly if the Old Bank didn’t open on time, or I tried to enter the premises of the local solicitor like I did last time.

16:01, pretty good. What a lovely place.

Interesting beer range too.

I’m guessing that’s the Brew York brown ale, since it was brown. Cool and rich, NBSS 3.5.

You get the picture. Not your typical micropub, plenty going on (open all week, quiz night, live music), and an enthusiastic publican who would have been chatty if I wasn’t downing a half in 2 minutes as I had a train to catch. My bad.

I’d add the Old Bank to your CAMRA crawl of Tamworth, along with the Globe and the Robert Peel and Market Vaults.

Though really, of course, you’ll be coming for the National Pub of the Year;


  1. So glad you got there eventually Martin, it is definitely worth a visit, it’s great place and the joint owners are very friendly and accommodating and deserve to do well. Be sure to come back to Tamworth


  2. I’ve not been here! Tamworth Mark gives it a thumbs up though, which is a good sign and it looks very good…Tamworth is a decent day out these days 👍

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