By the time we left the Globe we only had time for one more pub, a new GBG entry near our gig, but mysteriously we had enough time for shopping in Oxford Street.

This was a particular mystery to me, as I’d assumed we’d concluded our present shopping on 1 January, just as we do every year (same amount each year, too).

Still, it was many years since we’d seen the bright lights of a London Christmas, and I assumed the rail strike and general retail depression might make Oxford Street bearable.

And indeed it was. The decorations are more understated,

the shops more upmarket than I remember. Mrs RM bought some thermals in Uniqlo, where we noted 90% of custom was Japanese, but I won’t blame them for the Asahi bottles on the street as the Japanese would never leave litter.

McGlynn’s was full of Americans,

no doubt attracted by the cosiness of a genuine Irish pub at Kings Cross and the World Cup in o6 screens.

One of these Americans was INCREDIBLY loud and shouty. The Yanks can’t hold their beer, can they ?

It deserves a return visit, the local Porter (I couldn’t read the clips) was a tasty NBSS 3+.

Even without trains London seemed vibrant, our gig at a busy Lexington was a sell-out,

no doubt due to household names like Tapir, Bingo Fury and PVA.

I think this might be Tapir. Press play, anyway.

Somehow, Mrs RM found us a (bench) seat at the bar where we sat till 11pm before deciding that we didn’t fancy chancing Central line beyond midnight.

On the tube we were “treated” to a chap shouting “Doctor Dre, all the way” on repeat till Mile End, and were happy to see the bright lights of Leytonstone approach.

It was about time we had some artisanal food, we thought.

Good job Maccie D’s is 24 hour.


    1. It’s funny that you should say that Dave.

      There’s a Canadian regular at my local.

      He’s one of the loudest people whom I have ever encountered.

      That’s “anecdotal evidence”, of course.

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  1. McGlynns is a gem (even if the dining area is a bit naff). I try and drop by once or twice a year, but last week I hadn’t been in for over two years. To my delight, the landlord recognized me (even enquired about my Scottish pal so proof that it wasn’t just a line he used to all punters). Consistent and observant staff is an underrated quality in pubs.

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    1. It’s one of those places, like the Boot round the corner, you walk past waiting for your train and think “Must try it” and never do because there’s ESB in the Parcel Yard !


  2. I’ve only been to McGlynn’s once, and to be fair I’d had quite a lot to drink that day, but I didn’t get the impression it was a “genuine Irish pub”. Or a fake one, for that matter.

    At least, it wasn’t at all Oirish.


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