Finally, the blog reaches December. Worryingly, there’s 44 pubs to write about in that last month already, so you should set aside the evening of the 31st to read a lot of posts.

1st December 2022.

Time for Baa Baa Toure‘s quarterly spin. See how Alfie the Alpaca looks on, nervously/

With the day’s work complete (he looks lovely now), I arranged to meet Will the Sheffield Hatter on a matter of national importance in the pub. Mrs RM said she’d come, as long as we could took the tram. I’m a soft touch.

The Red Deer, a Top 100 pub when it convinced me that Sheffield was the place for my lad to come and study had just returned to the GBG, rather unexpectedly I thought, As Boak & Bailey would note a few days later, it still has a worrying “LEASE THIS PUB” sign on the outside,

but inside there was a decent crowd building up for a Thursday night.

Perhaps they’ve decided the canine market is the route to survival in 2022.

The Plum Porter would turn out to be superb, which shows you you don’t need obscure beers to get in the Guide.

Bradfield, Black Sheep, Cameron’s, Titanic, Oakham.

Blimey, that’s almost “beers you’ve heard of” territory. It’ll never catch on.

Bench seating, burgers and WiFi for Mrs RM all help.

Just a cosy town pub with Proper food,

and good foamy beer.

Sometimes it all seems too easy.

Will turned up (calm down, it was on time) and shared his masterplan for the next week’s pub crawl in Stafford.

He talked of passionately of “pub-hopping”, and had shown those “hops” in green, just like a frog. When Wetherspoons finally open their museum of pub ticking in Wolves, this will be a key exhibit.

It all made perfect sense at the time. I promised to explain it to the rest of our codgers group, and we set off to Pub. 2.


      1. Me too. I must have been dropped from the Christmas card list! Stafford would have been a good town to visit too, although looking back I had a couple of outside contractors to look after, at work on the 7th.


      2. I’m afraid it was only available to Patronised readers, or members of the Doom Bar Fan Club. If you’d turned up at Stafford you’d have been escorted directly to the gaol. Why do they call it “gaol” ?


  1. I wasn’t aware that either of the Mudgies were fans of Doom Bar, but I have enjoyed a few pints in Stafford, in the dim and distant past, so it would have been nice to renew my acquaintance with the town.

    As for your last point, according to the web, “Gaol is an obsolescent spelling of the word now usually spelled jail. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doom Bar appreciation. “The love that dare not speak its name”. Worryingly, I’ve had more very good pints of Doom this year than ever.
      There must be an equivalent society for the appreciation of Master Brew in Kent ?


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