One more post from London, then I can write about Rye, Castleford and Tromso. An unlikely trio to end November.

16th November 2022.

Underground, Overground, Wombling free,

I need to be at the Shirker’s Rest by 3, so an hour to kill admiring fades signage,

and the wonderful Courage sign on the Amersham Arms.

Lest you forget, this is Lions territory.

For some inexplicable reason I’d set off the wrong way from New Cross, only realising my error as I found myself in Deptford High Street contemplating a half in the Job Centre before my interview with Will Hawkes.

Which you’ve already heard too much about.

But I will say again what a great new pub the Shirker’s is (and you really should buy Deserter’s books).

Post interview, I found myself with half an hour free at London Bridge

The Rake ?

The Royal Oak ?

One of those two pubs with King in the title I get mixed up ?

No, let’s leave the station by the wrong exit and end up at Simon the Tanner. (aka Si the Ticker).

My own tick in 2014 just preceeded the blog, so a not unwelcome revisit.

It’s a smart community pub where two schoolgirls read books while their dads had a pint and enjoyed the jazz. I love that. The Brockley Best (“Would you like a straight glass or handle ?”) was a cool, flat 3.

And that was London. STILL never been to that micro up the Shard.

And I won’t be going there on my birthday tomorrow, either.

But where will I be ?


  1. On your way to the Tanner you could have stopped by the Victoria. A timeless Bermonsey classic. Beer is decent so not unlikely it will make the guide.


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