I received my replacement copy of the 2006 Good Beer Guide to Germany at lunchtime. Should never have thrown the old one (after ripping out the brewery section).

Imagine if our own GBG was only replaced every couple of decades; it would be a doddle to do, unlike the chaotic reality.

The German guide is essential; Nuremberg has changed a bit but you could probably “do Cologne” with a 17 year old book.

The real issue is an over focus on the big cities like Berlin, Munich and, er, Karlsruhe.

No mention of Aachen, so after “doing the Dom” (sounds wrong). we had to find a pub by asking a local looking for one that looked half decent.

I guess that’s how folk visiting Manchester end up visiting Mr Thomas’s Chop House, rather than the Hare & Hounds.

The market square, about to be overrun by Christmas stalls, had two contenders, separated by an incongruous Starbucks.

Golden Swan,

or Golden Unicorn ?

Mrs RM picked the unicorn. It seemed a good choice, all brown wood and tables by the bar.

OK, there was a slight sense of surprise we weren’t eating, but the Landlord (what do they call them in Germany ?) seemed to take great pride in pouring our Bitburgers and scraping foam off the top with a knife.

I’d forgot what beer other than Kolsch or Alt tasted like.

Quite pleasant, too, but the only banter came when Mrs RM gave me a lecture on the merits of puffer jackets, and something had clearly gone wrong with the Hi-Fi as instead of Nena and Kraftwerk we got this AOR classic.

FIVE TIMES IN A ROW ! If it was a ploy to get us to drink up it worked.

Some nice art, including this photo of The Three Tickers visiting the Isles of Scilly.

Around the market and town hall Aachen became a bit of a delight, belatedly,

and I will never tire of German sculpture.

But there wasn’t a lot to DO, apart from eat and drink, so we had this apple cake from a health food place called Dean & David. Having cake from a health food cafe reduces the calories.

And then we headed back to the station, having failed to identify this bloke on a lamp post. Is it Leif Garrett ?

Our return journeys cost double what I’d paid on the outward journey, conforming a suspicion I may have bought the wrong ticket.

Even Weckman looked guilty.


    1. It wasn’t obvious in Cologne as much as in Berlin (and that was 6 years back), but then again you could walk through the centre of Manchester or Sheffield and not be aware of a craft explosion.


      1. Seems to be Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt going by where Brewdog have landed. 2 in Frankfurt, which I have only ever used as a traffic interchange, based on the assumption it was a Teutonic version of Crewe.

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  1. It is the right ticket if you were able to use it! Those pubs look great. I did notice they assume you want a food menu, but they don’t hold it against you if you don’t eat. They are very gracious about letting you just sit and drink. In the US the opposite is true.

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    1. But I didn’t get to use the ticket, Dave, no-one checked it and there’s no barriers in place. Actually, the single tickets from Aachen to Cologne weren’t that cheap, even for the regional trains (though I guess it’s comparable with Cambridge to London); should have bought the state ticket.


  2. I loved The Three Tickers visiting the Isles of Scilly.

    And the idea of a city where “there wasn’t a lot to DO, apart from eat and drink” had me reaching for my Good Beer Guide to Germany 2006. I really must go back some time.


  3. You bought all the right tickets, but to all the wrong places. 🙂
    Your outward Preisstufe4 wasn’t valid as far as Aachen. You presumably bought Preisstufe7 tickets to get back, i.e. travel across 7 zones instead of 4.
    You should go for the “24StundenTicket 5 Personen” next time.


    1. I knew you’d know, Mike !

      “all the right tickets, but to all the wrong places” would make a great BBC series, as long as it featured minor celebrities.

      It was indeed that “24StundenTicket 5 Personen” we needed, and Dave had successfully helped me buy on the Monday, and I expect there’ll be a next time.


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