24th October 2022.

I still didn’t have the new Beer Guide, but I knew that South Yorkshire only had four new entries (all of them micro bars and brewery taps, fact fans), and I’d just done two of them.

And then the tickers discovered the new Maison du Biere had closed even before it’s GBG debut (a not uncommon occurrence), which left just Heaven & Ale to complete the county.

The trip south of town takes you past what I assume was a lively Conservative Club back at the end of October, and not just because the Wobbly Bob was on.

“Heaven 8” it seems to say, a splinter group from Sheffield’s second most famous ’80s electronic group, perhaps.

Is that a flask for the warm DIPA I see ? These beer drinking trends all seem to start in Barnsley these days.

Anyway, Heaven & Ale has made quite an impression, charging into the Top 16 in CAMRA’s National Pub of the Year competition.

Your observation on those finalists are welcomed. Station House, Durham the winner for me.

Heaven & Ale feels like a micro, but it’s a sizeable 3 roomers with lots of cosy touches to bring in the students and the Hi-Vis Madri crowd.

I loved it, and stayed for a couple (not a good habit as a Pro ticker) as the Thirst Class and North Riding were so good (3.5).

Cheery staff, banter about Liam Gallagher, a back room packed with record sleeves, even bench seating.

A cross between that London Calling place and the North Riding in Scarbs.

And all delivered in that lovely Barnsley accent. Even the robot…

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