As Kevin Rowland sang on “My Beauty” (one of the greatest but worst selling albums by a major artists), “It’s over it’s over it’s over, let it go“.

And so I said goodbye to the epic journey that had led to the completion of the Good Beer Guide on 10/9/22, and like the fish who’d crossed the road in “Finding Nemo”, thought “What now ?“.

Well, take a break first after a 10 hour drive home, and then try to explain to my Mum what Mrs RM had just posted on Facefiend.

I think she thinks I have to have Cullen Skink in each pub.

I’ll be honest, I probably thought I’d have a big session in a favourite pub after completing the Guide, but that never happened and it was the next Thursday before I casually reacquainted myself with pubs again.

Joyfully, yet another NEW Sheffield boozer.

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 3,776 – The Railway, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge

When the estimable Sheffield CAMRA told me this unprepossessing pub near the Sheffield Wednesday ground had re-opened selling cask and craft beers I thought they’d got the wrong Railway (there’s nearly twenty-even (27) in Sheffield.

I’ve driven past this place a hundred times since we moved, never seen it open bar a sign saying “Home Fans Only“, and thought it might be my best bet for keg Magnet at a push.

How wrong could I be ?

It’s a multi-room cracker, reminds me of West Brom’s Vine without the Indian barbecue, with bench seating to thrill the purists.

You can get the tram from Sheffield Tap Station to Leppings Lane and it’s only 10 minutes walk. Combine it with a trip to Argos or Sainsbury, why not.

Now, Sheffield is a hard cask market to compete in. Start with a couple and a cider and build, I reckon.

Three other blokes had the Ashover White Lion, a superbly cool and crisp NBSS 3.5. As I never tire of boring you, this quality would get in the GBG almost anywhere apart from Sheffield.

But really you want to know about the jukebox, I guess.

Never has there been such an effortless transition from Dead Kennedys,

to “Don’t Fear The Reaper” to “There Must Be An Angel”. A soundtrack at a decent volume, but not too high to stifle conversation.

A chap on the other table said “Excuse me, you just said it was your first visit, where do you normally visit ?” and 20 minutes later I knew more about Daniel than I do about the Schleswig Holstein question.

Daniel was a Wadsley Bridge local rotating his custom between the great pubs of North Sheffield, and we had a good chat about life and Peterborough (his home town), which are generally mutually exclusive topics.

I stayed for a pint of Deya. Unwise, but gorgeous.

Hope you didn’t mind me interrupting you for a chat” said Daniel as I headed home, pausing to wonder about the New Inn over the road.

Not at all. Be brave like Daniel, have a conversation with the person on the next table today. But not about beer, eh ?.

7 thoughts on “DARE TO BE A DANIEL

  1. Those conversations are priceless to me. The fact we don’t have them over here I think leads to our social divisions. Easy to demonize those you don’t talk to and we haven’t been talking to each other for a long time.

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