9th September 2022. One more Beer Guide pub in Kirkwall, the penultimate tick in the whole GBG.

Back to the Auld Motor Hoose, with this classic car seeming to guide us through the quaint shopping streets on our way.

A plain exterior greets you,

but the interior is a motor-themed marvel, particularly for fans of Terry the Tiger.

Kirkwall’s pubs remind me of the Isle of Man; lively affairs full of all ages and seemingly open all hours. The Hoose is probably Orkney’s Rover’s Return.

a gorgeously cluttered place with serious cask drinkers, Prosecco mums and the town’s youth. In Fact, it was SO heaving that I wondered for a second whether they’d declare the place “FULL” and deny me the tick, as happened in Hampshire in 2020.

But another stunning, NBSS 4 pint of Scapa Special brought the tick, and the only question now was why was Mrs RM drinking halves ?

As we looked through the port hole out to sea, and the treasures that awaited us on Rousay the next day,

we wondered what on earth we were going to do with the rest of the evening.

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