Both of the Waterbeach brewery taps were open that glorious Summer Saturday.

My Dad was sceptical when I told him Pastore was one of the UK’s most popular new breweries, but Mum knows the mother of of the brewers and has kept that bottle on her windowsill.

Pastore have some great bottle designs,

which rather compensate for the setting for their own tap.

I missed their appearance at IndyMan last month, but their fruity wild sours pop up in bars in Sheffield, Manchester and even Halifax.

Mrs RM hates sours the way some people hate turnips. I’m a fan, particularly of their signature Weiss.

I took a bottle of that back to annoy Mrs RM, but I must surely have drunk the strongest one on the list.

It’s good to see them busy, but it’s not a place to come on your own, if honest. I must plan better.

But they were playing 10CC and Elvis Costello, not a million miles from the Milton Brewery soundtrack.

Back home, I mean my parents, I drank the Weisse so Mrs RM didn’t have to, and deposited my other haul on the kitchen table. Mum had warmed the plates for 30 seconds in the microwave, as tradition dictates.

Waterbeach Weisse pairs perfectly with Chung Hwa’s crispy beef and Singapore Rice, you know.

14 thoughts on “WATERBEACH WEISSE

    1. I was waiting for someone to ask that, Mike !

      Years ago Fenny Bentley, tiny
      village near Ashbourne, had two side by side.

      Someone will know. Probably somewhere in West Yorkshire wins.

      Can we persuade the Kebab van to install a microbrewery ?


      1. My best guess is Cragg Vale in West Yorkshire (Population about 650) where Vocation Brewery are now based on the same industrial estate as Little Valley Brewery.

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