Somerset and the Mendips has a fine collection of venerated old pubs. Names like Clapton in Gordano, Huish Episcopi and Faulkland (Tucker’s Grave) resonate with all serious pubgoers.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to the Ring O Bells in Hinton Blewitt;

I’d definitely have remembered it, surely ? Perhaps it was in the Guide under Hinton Blewett in 2004 or something.

Tiny village; old church, large farmhouse with Ukrainian flag, weird fruits,

and ancient looking pub.

Actually, not THAT ancient, it seems. But you get gorgeous flagstone floors, decor unchanged since Yeovil beat Sunderland in the FA Cup,

and a couple of Butcombe beers (I guess).

Note the figurines on the shelf behind; I only just did.

Sounds idyllic ?

Well, it was pretty good, but my visit coincided with the annual playing of the Phil Collins “classic”,

which I see has 448 million views, even more than this blog.

I beat a retreat to the door, and noted the excellent range of pot plants.

They weren’t quite needed for the Original, a cool and crisp but distinctly odd tasting 2.5, but it was close.


  1. Lovely pub, been there many times. As patronised by the Rt. Hon. Jacob Rees – Mogg MP, who lives up the road. Don’t suppose he was in when you were there?

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      1. His house is very close to the Crown. A local pointed it out to me on one of our Somerset pub trips. I’m sure there was something in one of the local newspapers when he paid a visit to the Crown. According to Whatpub it no longer sells real ale so he may no longer be a regular!!

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      2. Carling? The Mogg? The Mogg will have his own brewery on the estate and the beer will be transported in oaken casks hewn from the ancestral forests.


  2. Only the finest claret surely, for the Moggster, and only then once his butler has uncorked the bottle for him and, after careful decanting, gently poured it into his glass!

    You can’t really choke on wine, can you?


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