The effort I put into these blog titles, and do you care ? Do you ?

I’ve got a day to myself in Helston Premier Inn after last night on the Blue Anchor Special, a Lost Weekend if you like.

You’ll have to wait for that one, and the newish Spoons in Wellington (t’other one), as I bring Argyll & Bute to a conclusion on the Cowal Peninsula.

Goodness knows how Simon will ever get here; perhaps Duncan will pick him up from Dumbarton and drive him round. Or perhaps he could walk across the water from Wemyss Bay.

That’s the view from my overnight FREE parking space in Innellan; the sunsets over the Clyde are one of the great discoveries of my GBG completion.

That, and the use of giant penguins for rubbish disposal.

It could only have been better with a Chinese takeaway in “Delicious” Dunoon on my way down the coast. That treat can wait.

Innellan is yet another Scotland’s c.1,000 population villages in the GBG, and a modest tourist trade means it maintains a couple of bars going.

And the Osborne is a real allrounder. Cosy and welcoming, unpretentious food trade, an actual sign promoting cask ales;

I bet I’m the only cask drinker and I get offered CAMRA discount” I thought.

But not so, and a second Tribute followed my own, once the Landlord had been summoned by the barmaid to change the barrel. “Talk amongst yourselves” she said. We didn’t.

It was a cool, rich Tribute (3.5), accompanied by ABBA’s “SOS” (save our Simon) and a blokeish if not wokeish discussion about Sade, who it emerged was “five years older than my missus“.

St Austell wasn’t the beer I imagined finishing the Argyll and the Isles chapter on.

but sadly Doom Bar hasn’t yet made that vital breakthrough across the border. Give it time.


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