“Hello my lover !” – Chagford cheers.

It was inevitable that completing Devon would mean a trip or two into the wilds of Dartmoor.

Well, two, precisely.

US Dave had noted the presence of Chagford’s estimable Globe on my Final 100 ticks.

It would have made a good last tick, too, classic rural pub with cheery landlord in bucolic li ‘ol English town (pop. 1,449), thatch and all.

Chagford was heaving, I guess because it’s got shops with French lane and old-fashioned fontage.

Pic : Brian Snelson from Hockley, Essex

There’s a queue for the artisanal sourdough, and I read that “the New Scientist reported that Chagford contained “the most radioactive loo in the world”,[7] a reference to the high levels of Radon gas in this granite area“, so I headed straight for the Globe.

As Landlord Nick will tell me shortly, the church wall across the road is a perfect place to sit with a pint and contemplate (pub) life and death.

An 11am opener (hoorah !), with Led Zep’s Black Dog playing and Nick greeting male and female alike with “Hello my lover !”.

The Otter was tasty, a solid 3, the pub a perfect 5.

Rarely have I been in a cheerier place at 11am, and all I could have hoped for were a few more local to annoy with inane chat. But it was 11, they were probably in the radioactive loo.

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