I always like to finish a Good Beer Guide chapter, with a pint of something brown, bitter and boring in an Old Man’s backstreet boozer. But you can’t always finish with Doom Bar in Wetherspoons, and Devon fell in a modernish brewery tap-cum-burger bar on the road out of Exeter (hard to find, tucked away off a layby in Half Moon Village which isn’t even a real place).

And it was OK, it was OK.

Hanlons have moved the “action” out of the brewery to an undercover outdoor area. I thought this was an unusual brewing vessel until I realised Peggy Sue was where their “smoker”.

It’s a bit like being in an industrial estate in Walthamstow, the focus on grub and spirits as much as cask, but what the students from Exeter Uni want, and who can blame them ?

It felt like a Newquay beach bar, not that I’ve ever been to a Newquay beach bar, as the clock ticked round to 6:30pm and the Sophies and Dans arrived.

“I know !!!”

“Very good thanks. How are yooooooooooo” etc etc

The kidz had gin, I felt compelled to stick to Yellow Hammer as I’m old.

Yellow Hammer isn’t an obvious signature beer, is it ? Actually, I haven’t seen it, outside the odd Spoons festival appearance, but in fairness it was a rich pint, with a lot of depth. Bit like the Hop Back beer that isn’t Summer Lightning.

Three things of note. A throbbing house soundtrack, NO other cask being pulled while I was there, and one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (again, at a price).

So when I think of Hanlons, I’ll think of a burger bar and ice cream hut. But since I know some of you like brewery pics, here’s your pic.

Hope that helps.


  1. I suspect that’s the O’Hanlon’s known for a Port Stout and reviving an old bottle conditioned beer but the “O” probably wouldn’t do them any favours nowadays.

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    1. O’Hanlon’s seem to have dropped off the radar, Paul. I think they also gave up on Thomas Hardy Ale, as it was proving too expensive to brew and mature (probably the latter).


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