Yet ANOTHER Welsh village that only the Welsh can pronounce, and Wiki tells me that 1,812 of Ystalyfera’s population of 3,019 speak Welsh, so they’re fine.

I know we need the big map to see where Ystalyfera lies, on the edge of the Valleys but a safe distance from That Merthyr,

but it’s the Ordnance Survey extract you really need.

How gorgeous is that ?

It’s a one street kinda place, with two funeral directors and no cafe. But Kerry of Kerry’s Bakery saved the day with a double scoop of Joe’s and a smile when I paid with cash.

The Wern Fawr (“No tasters” in Welsh) looked brilliant, as 2pm openers often do.

At 14:08, with so sign of life, the fawr turned to the fear of a no show, but just as I was about to check for a Facebook page I suspected didn’t exist.

It was worth those 8 minutes of stress.

I have never seen a pub with so much wondrous tat on the wall. Actually, I probably have, but not that I can remember.

Another Brick In The Wall“, “God Only Knows“, all your hip-hop favourites. The beer, a freshly pulled through Hip Hop homebrew (NBSS 3) seemed incredibly cheap, even by Port Talbot-cum-Neath standards.

I went to admire the Gents, which is determined that BRAPA isn’t going to make a mistake on his visit;

and when I came back there were already a half dozen at the bar. It does seem that if a pub opens later than you might hope there’ll be a queue at the door, and so it was here.

A gem.

9 thoughts on “14:08 : YSTALYFERA FEAR AT THE WERN FAWR

      1. I’m still not sure to be honest. The man in charge of the stag weekend that was Swansea based was clearly cost cutting.


      2. My Stag night was in Stromness touring the two (2) real ale outlets with my fiancée (who, happily, after twenty-three (23) years is still Mrs B)
        By the way, Ystalyfera is easy, us-stal-er-vera.


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