BRAPA is currently terrorising South Wales on his “Gwenty’s Plenty” tour, an attempt to squeeze 20 pints into a week without getting distracted by Newports cultural offer.

Back in July I was tormented by the nagging suspicion I’d already been to my Pontypridd target.

In 2014, just before my birthday (22/12) I’d spent a terrific afternoon ticking 3 glorious Ponty pubs, at least one of which was hosting a wake.

It seemed inconceivable I wouldn’t have visited The Tumble as well preemptively, particularly since we had a bear called Tumble.

Who knows ? Anyhow, it’s always instructive to revisit a town to see how societal change has left its impact. Consider how Waterbeach has turned into the Capital of Craft in 2 years.

Ponty has all the signs of having money thrown at it to keep people from having to visit Cardiff, and it seemed to be working as the High Street was busier than anywhere I saw that month.

The pubs felt quiet though,

and despite the appeal of (tired) Doom Bar for £1.49 with beard voucher the Tumble was quiet.

Use it or lose it, folks, or that list of 32 Spoons will grow ever longer…

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