First things first. A first ever blog view from Burundi overnight. The world’s unhappiest country, apparently, but surely a visit to tick all Burundi’s bars would cheer them up ?

This is Lacosta Beach Bar, an Amstel stronghold in Bujumbura;

I see sand. Really, not much different from Slapton Sands in Devon. Except for the hippo, obvs.

And the scenery.

I bet the roads are better in Burundi than South Devon, too.

Slapton is gorgeous, a medley of winding streets, and thatched animals.

I’d attempted a visit to the Queen’s Arms earlier that month, one of half a dozen of those opening times fails that make ticking a joy.

Lovely old pub catering for gentlefolk diners, one of whom called Barbara edged me out in the race for the door at 12:00. Barbara had a Carlsberg and soda and asked if she could have two spoons for the prawn cocktail (“It’s so big !”).

I loved the cheery regulars, and the chatty barman, and the view from the back garden.

The Otter was a bit tired, but them’s the breaks (or is it brakes ?).


  1. The Queen’s Arms looks familiar, from a BC (before child) holiday in the South Hams. I know what you mean about the local roads, though.

    Interesting to see Jail Ale from Dartmoor Brewery on the bar, especially as I enjoyed a bottle of the very same brew, yesterday evening.


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