More holiday snaps from the Sussex coast, where Mrs RM has come to terms with the fact that Rye Harbour’s sole pub is a Sheps house, and the Inkerman will never again dispense Greene King IPA.

But fear not, it’s only a couple of miles walk (did it in 33 minutes last month) through the nature reserve to the Ypres Castle, and just as importantly Marino’s fish bar which so delighted Paul Bailey and myself recently.

We’ve had the best of Rye this summer, and after about 6pm when the gentlefolk and French schoolchildren leave you pretty much have it to yourself.

I guess I ought to tick the pubs for you, some of them look quite basic, but for now we headed to the harbour with a tray of calamari, fish bites and chips.

Within five minutes, it was like a scene from “The Birds”, Mrs RM surrounded by seagulls attracted by her shandy (What happened to Bass shandy ?).

This fella was the ring leader.

You’ll be seeing a lot more from him on this blog, unless he dies from chip poisoning.


  1. Camber has a lovely sandy beach, set against the backdrop of the dunes, but it becomes totally grid-locked with visiting Londoner’s (and others), during warm summer weekends.

    Far better to cycle via the dedicated, off-road path from Rye, although it’s a shame there are no pubs worth visiting when you reach your destination.

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  2. I didn’t know that, as Camber is normally somewhere I just drive through. I can well imagine the pub having a London feel to it.

    Thanks for putting me straight.

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