Last week’s family drama put that final push to GBG completion on hold, but also gave me a few extra days to stare at the list of The Final Nine (9) Ticks;

Evocative names, and some classic looking bars like the Auld Motor Hoose in Kirkwall.

It’s quite possible I could do the Five (FIVE !) Kirkwall ticks within 0.3 mils walk in an hour, you know. This will be one of the easiest GBG pub crawls in the whole Guide.

Got to get there first. Wick Spoons and John O’ Groats on the way, Stromness and Kirkwall and a short hop over to Rousay. Sounds straightforward; it won’t be.

I’m grateful to Scott and John for pointing out the Pentland Ferries route from Gills Bay; it looks the best option.

The question remains. Which will be the final pub?

Anyway, best make sure they’re all open when I get there, I suppose…

9 thoughts on “THOSE FATEFUL FINAL NINE (9)

      1. No doubt at all. You wouldn’t jest about such things!

        I had Wick down as being your final pub, but I think I need to re-consider … I’ll go for the Seaview instead.

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  1. I can’t remember which pub(s) we went to in Stromness/Kirkwall in the 90’s, but I’ll never forget the night we spent drinking cans of Tenents and Sweetheart Stout in the Tavesoe. I believe they’ve fitted a carpet since then, would love to go back.


  2. On the strength of that photo, the “Auld Motor Hoose” looks like a terrific venue for that final tick. The bookies have had a ‘spoons/Doombar’ combo as the runaway favourite for a while, but could we see an upset for the final pinking. Exciting times ahead

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