You left me with a short wait for Forfar’s Osnaburg to welcome me with open arms, enough time to admire Doig’s furniture store,

the bridie shop,

and, er, the candle store. All Proper towns have dedicated candle shops.

It’s a pretty, bustling town crying out for a Wetherspoons and Greggs.


The Osnaburg duly opened at noon,

with a cheery welcome at the bat and a trio of competing attractions.

Mr Blue Sky on the radio, the Test match on one TV and Boris Johnson (yes, the blog is that far behind) on another.

I love those Scottish taps. Are they for watering down whisky ?

A rare sighting of Deuchars IPA, but I had the less rare Jarl, a cool NBSS 3+ enjoyed as the Old Boys piled in.

Proper bench seating, cheap lunches, unfussy and welcoming. A corker.

And if you’d come two (2) months ago you could have seen “Nifty Shades of Grey”.

The mind boggles.

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