Trent Bridge was a bit chaotic after the chaos of the England v New Zealand test.

Best hide in the nearest GBG pub for a while and then catch a late train, eh ?

Nottingham and neighbouring West Bridgford is a bit dull for GBG pubs these days, but Castle Rock do a decent line in unfussy post match boozers.

The Stratford Haven has been in the Guide as long as anyone and is perfect for anyone happy to stand with a pint discussing run rates.

I always go for the Preservation, and it’s always OK without quite reaching the heights (NBSS 4.5) of my pint in the Bread & Bitter a decade ago.

To be honest, I don’t do high tables

But the atmosphere was euphoric, and I worked out if I ran for the 18:52 I could sneak a half and still be back in Sheffield for tea (dripping on toast).

And who can resist a 6.9% blueberry, cherry and honeycomb stout from Left Handed Giant ?

Well not me, and it was marvellous, if only for the reminder that you should NEVER run for a train with a tummy full of keg fizz.

Particularly if it’s on platform 4 at Nottingham, approximately half a mile from the station entrance.


  1. One of favourite Beer Cities. First fixture I look for: 19th November this season (well there’s worse dates, though not by much).


      1. Magpie possibly my least favourite of the Nottingham micro-breweries; but even with the Crafty Crow gone still have an outlet mere yards from Meadow Lane… which is somewhat convenient.

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