Oh no, I was enjoying the endless Channel Islands posts“.

Never mind, time for loads of Wales, then even more loads of eastern Scotland, and then Devon..

A month ago, the weekend of the Royal Jubilee, possibly the Jubilee of the year Elvis died given how far I’m now behind on the blog.

I wanted to escape street parties and themed beers and Adam Lambert, so we headed into what the GBG calls North-East Wales but which the more geographically aware will know as South Rhyl.

Back in April we’d attempted to tick the Dudley Arms near Lake Bala, but found it unexpected closed. A local had erected a monument by the footbridge to mark the occasion of our “almost” visit.

Llandrillo (pop.580) seems to comprise a GBG pub, a closed school, and ancient church, and this wonderful bridge over the Dee.

There is also mention of the 23 January 1974 “Berwyn Mountain UFO incident”, but subsequent research revealed it to be Mike Oldfield recording Hergest Ridge.

Locals had really made an effort with the knitting, the best since Madame Defarge in a Tale of Two Cities.

But it was the pub we were interested in.

At the Dudley Arms on the stroke of noon, a chap who sounded like he came from Dudley told me “No, it’s not open*”.

Well, the door was open so I went it anyway, very nice trad Welsh pub,

and got served a half of Splendid by 12:02 by lovely staff.

and walked it out of the door to the garden.

Sadly, it wasn’t splendid, just OK, but the plant pots tipping facilities were.

Not the best ever end to a county we will call Lesser Llangollen, but a tick’s a tick.

*I’m fairly sure he meant they weren’t serving food yet. Some folk equate “open” to “serving fish and chips”.


    1. I’ve been wondering about going to the World Cup if I finish the Beer Guide by 27 October, Robin. I’m sure my readers would love to read about identikit Meccano stadiums in Doha.


  1. A literal reference to Charles Dickens. I see this blog has moved into another stratosphere!!


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