In 2014 I’d taken the little 19 seat Dornier plane from Guernsey to Alderney ,

to tick off a GBG pub (Moorings) AND an island, making sure I did the other cask pubs so I’d never have to go back.

And then Alderney CAMRA found another one, so I had to go back. At great expense, as I wasn’t risking the cheaper ferry being cancelled so it was the Dornier again.

Bing Maps reckons you can walk it in 2hr 58 min, but as you’ll know only Kendrick Lamar walks in water.

I was starting to feel a bit nervous a month earlier as Aurigny cancelled a week’s flights due to minor issues like lack of wings or wheels, but my biggest concern was that “Your Driver Simon” wouldn’t tip up outside the St Pierre at 6am, ruining my carefully curated tickathon.

But Driver Simon arrived, early, and whizzed us to the airport just in time for a pre-flight pint.

Now all I had to worry about was Mrs RM not spraining an ankle on the 2 mile walk from Alderney to the Braye beach, or the Divers closing for an award ceremony.

I loved the Dornier flight, below the clouds with great views of every flower farm on Guernsey.

Press PLAY for the exciting video.

And admire the view of Herm from the skies. There’s a GBG pub there, too.

10 minutes after lift-off (?), we landed at Alderney, an airport where in 2014 I was told off for taking a photo of the arrivals lounge. Chastised, I bring you instead the departures lounge this time.

It was 06:45. Only 4 hours and 15 minutes till opening time. Let’s do Alderney…


  1. Loved the tale. You didn’t mention the unusual drinking companion ~ the Diver in the corner of the Divers, or a walk to The Old Barn. I thought they stocked real ale but I might be wrong and that would have meant a walk to the other end of the island. The first time I went to Alderney was on an Islander and we had to be weighed first. I sat with the pilot once!

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