Mrs RM had left me to my own devices like a waylaid Pet Shop Boy; she headed in search of coffee while I did the Kendal craft ticks.

Visitors to town will find a pleasing contrast between modern beer and snuff bars,

and traditional cobbled streets leading to (checks notes) The Famous 1657 Chocolate House.

1657, 1787, it’s a town rich in history.

In 1852 a law was passed requiring it to be Christmas all year round (see also : Cwmbran).

Musically it’s reached about 1988. Don’t say you weren’t warned about Jools.

Indie Craft Beer is my last Kendal tick, and the most controversial (possibly).

Where’s the cask ?

Frankly, I don’t care. I’m just glad it opens at 16:00 and I have a lovely hazy pint of Number 12 (Neptune) outside in the sun after admiring and rejecting the full range of Proper Seating options.

It’s not a place Stafford Paul will warm to, but I like the acceptance of evil keg, key or not, in the Guide.

“I have very diverse music taste” says a 19 year old in combat trousers to his girlfriend, which probably means My Chemical Romance AND Jools Holland. But possibly not.

8 thoughts on “KENDAL KRAFT & KEG

    1. Martin never asks for taster, as you know. But I think he might have asked for cask – several of us would have been interested in the answer.

      OK, just one or two.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s not my job to ask. I asked in Belfast just in case it was hidden in a back room/toilet/had a fallen over pump but in general folk expect to see either a hand pump or a sign distinguishing cask and keg. I don’t care.


      2. Wait a minute, you’re in a pub that has been included in the Good Beer Guide and you don’t think you should ask where the cask beer has bl**dy got to? Surely it’s in the job description.

        Oh, wait a minute. There’s a clue in the title of the blog. Retired (rather than Dedicated or Committed) Martin! I’ll stop bugging you and leave you to enjoy your retirement.

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      3. Nope, good beer doesn’t have to be cask. I read that on Discourse so it must be true. And there’s several Guide entries that make no claim to serve real ale, including that one in Elsecar !


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