Just to prove I do occasionally (mostly by accident) take advice, I did take a pub tip from Chris Dyson for my second pre-gig pint in Leeds.

Chris and 6 Towns Mart are probably my Leeds experts since the loss of dear old Richard and the imprisonment of BRAPA in a flat in York.

Perhaps the pace of change has slowed a little in the east of Leeds, but the Calls District was busy enough, though Northern Guitars was only ticking over. I guess their trade comes from music nights.

Proper tables where your feet touch the floor, note. It’s a cosy bar, and a top recommendation from Chris.

I couldn’t get excited by the cask, which will horrify the Southworths, but I fancied the milk stout.

I learnt two significant things here.

Milk stout should only be drunk in cask, on keg the Lucid Dream was tasty but watery. Hey, talking like I know anything about beer !

And secondly, I really must play that Rory Gallagher live ’74 album I bought by post from Demon Records in 1990 and have NEVER played.

Take a peak upstairs and admire the guitar collection they had to acquire to go with the theme of the pub, and the gig posters from the decades since Rory.

But would my own gig, starting in an hour, build on Leeds hard-rocking legacy? (I also have a virtually unplaced copy of The Who Live at Leeds 72).

We shall see.

18 thoughts on “NORTHERN GUITARS

  1. Shame on you for leaving it that long before listening to one of the finest guitarists of his generation.

    The Who’s Live at Leeds, is perhaps over-rated. Saw them play at Manchester’s Belle Vue Gardens, back in 1974 – amazing!

    Is Belle Vue still standing?

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    1. I was amazed by that as well. 30 plus years in the collection and never listened to. Astounding.

      Yesterday no posts and today no cask…Might be against the rules.

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      1. I used to buy job lots of LPs, some hardly listened to but they often cost pennies. Had 5,000 before Mrs RM sold loads 15 years ago (did very well out of it).


    2. I have to disagree with you there, Paul. I have played my copy of Live at Leeds so often that I can almost perform the whole thing in my head without needing to go anywhere near the record player. (The extended version on CD is also very good – especially A Quick One While He’s Away.) I saw The Who twice in 1971, once at Dunstable Civic Hall (subsequently demolished) and once at The Oval cricket ground (still standing), when their set was very similar to Live at Leeds but with the addition of several tracks from Who’s Next. Great stuff!

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      1. Perhaps I was being a little harsh there Will, with my dismissal of the Who’s Live at Leeds. I only have a vinyl copy, which is why I haven’t listened to it for a couple of decades. I have to say though, that Young Man Blues, Summertime Blues are not up there amongst my favourite Who tracks, and I’m not a huge fan of Magic Bus either.

        At the Who performance I attended in 1974, there was a heckler in the crowd who kept shouting for “Magic Bus,” until Pete Townsend closed him down with the quip, “If you don’t shut up sonny, you won’t get your f*cki*ng ‘fun’ music!”

        I might treat myself to the 1995 extended edition CD, and then re-visit the album.

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    3. Only the greyhound stadium remains at Belle Vue, but given its proximity to the Manchester City ground I imagine the area will get revitalised at some point. If you come up to Manchester I’ll organise a tour.


  2. I have no idea why,but I ditched our Live at Leeds LP when we left the city -now have it on CD (sadly minus all the bits & pieces that came with the LP ) I listen to it regularly still ! I saw Rory Gallagher at Leeds Town Hall but at the time I wasn’t a fan -wish I could go back & have another go -he’s great

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  3. I’d certainly travel for that guitar collection. I hardly play mine these days but still love to stroke a bit of maple now and then. Can’t Explain off Live At Leeds is one of my potential desert island discs, it gets a bit w*nky guitar solo after that tbh, though Townshend will always be one of favourite guitarists.

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