I know my readers will expect eloquence from me in these difficult times but I’ve just completed the Ticking of the Channel Islands, something even the Germans didn’t manage, and am celebrating with Herm on Doom Bar. Sorry. Doom Bar on Herm.

Back to early May and another Welsh tick in the wilderness betwixt Llanelli and Carmarthen, a place I didn’t know existed a month ago.

The most exciting thing about the Red Lion in Llandyfaelog is that CATHY PRICE HAD BEEN HERE !!

No plaque, just a well used village all rounder about to fill up with tradesmen, just as the gentlefolk left.

Mrs RM called this “tasteful”. I called it dull. Decent Butty Bach, great coffee, Now That’s What I Call Music…37.

It’s just enough to justify the visit. Perhaps.

4 thoughts on “A RED LION. ANOTHER ONE.

      1. Quinno was at Aberystwyth for a bit, so he kinda had to do some Welsh pubs while he was there.

        My only time in Dyfed I cycled from Carmarthen to Manorbier in October 2019, then on to Cardigan the next day, then back to Carmarthen. Only actually drank in three pubs while I was there. Mostly because I didn’t have time to stop for a beer – the days were short and the weather was cold. Also not many of them were open during the day.

        Obviously should have gone via Llandyfaelog instead. And in May.

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      2. SH,
        I stayed at Manorbier YH five years ago. Then the now closed ‘new’ Cardiff one.


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