One last Gloucestershire tick and a flying visit to the side streets of regal Cheltenham,

with the streets around the Railway Inn proving the hardest to negotiate/park.

In a break from the norm, the writing on the wall reads not “dining and rooms” but “Smokey Phi Phi“, as the Railway undergoes the sort of gentrification from boozer to quirky diner last seen in Cambridge’s Geldart.

A DJ is setting up his turntables for an evening of Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator dub, the bar groans under the weight of the Bristol classics.

Actually, I like the place, no idea why we didn’t stay for tea, but I’m afraid the Arbors rather enforced Mrs RM’s prejudice against cask as the keg is cooler and more interesting.

I don’t know if it ever had any Old Boy trade but it certainly didn’t that night. Apart from me, I guess.

I spent 10 minutes checking our accommodation options for the night. Stonehouse Travelodge just off the M5 was £90, so we parked the campervan over the road instead, feasting on a KFC Meal for One and making sure Baa Baa knew how to swim.

I’m always nervous about revealing the exact location of these informal camping places, as Stroud Council will no doubt stick a “NO OVERNIGHT PARKING” sign up tomorrow. Till then, this is the spot.

DO NOT attempt to sleep in the boat.


  1. I’ve managed to get to the Railway just the once in several visits, because despite what you might think it’s actually a village pub, and therefore doesn’t open during village commuter work hours. Which is a shame as I liked the spicy crispy beef think I had, ‘Beef In The Martin Style’ I think it’s called. As for weekend drinking, if you’ve got as far as the Railway you might as well keep going and drink DEYA in a steel warehouse…

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      1. There’s a Sri Lankan themed dining pub down that way too, the choices are limitless unless it’s just a pub with beer you’re after…

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