I’d managed fifteen GBG ticks in Norfolk and Cumbria last week, the pace I’ll need to keep up to complete the Guide, but the Stag at Dufton was a good place to call it quits for the week.

With Curthwaite curtailing operations, I couldn’t complete Cumbria (alliteration !), and several of the Eden Valley pubs only open in the evenings.

The Stag, local boozer for the Youth Hostel and gypsum works*, seemed to be open all day. In 2022 !

It really is beautifully located, away from tea-shop Lake towns.

Mrs RM wasn’t convinced it was open, noting a seemingly deserted. She has no faith.

Inside it was bustling, full of walkers. You know, actual walkers, not the ones who traipse from Helly Hansen to Hungry Horse Brunning & Price and back.

Beers you’ve never heard of, but the first two come from the ever reliable Fell,

and were gorgeously cool, the beers of the trip.

Mrs RM had picked the best seat for a change, apart from the sofa near the fire that was taken.

Typical banter covered topics as diverse as “goujons” and “fish fingers”. Sorry, my hearing isn’t great and I missed the context.

Unfussy but smart is a difficult trick to pull off. The Stag does it.

They’ve even got the map of Cumbrian breweries that must be quite recent as there’s no Workington Lager.

And the Gents contained tractor soft porn for all you young farmers.

We didn’t want to leave, and frankly we’d have been better off pitching up for the night as we then spent two hours just Appelby as the A66 was closed. The A66 is the bane of my life.

*Patronised readers can enjoy the smell of the gypsum works using the “Scratch & Sniff” panel on the top photo. No liability accepted for any injuries.

2 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THE DUFTON STAG

  1. Is there a “scratch & sniff” for the Youth Hostel as well?

    I stayed there – just one night – when I did the Pennine Way more years ago than I care to remember, and broke (or at least badly bruised) my left little toe when getting out of the shower and slipping on the step. At that point, no alcohol had been imbibed, but I made up for that later at the Stag.

    Yes, you should have stayed the night.

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  2. You’ll be pleased to know that they are building a new village in Solihull at Tidbury Green and the local CAMRA mag notes that a new Brunning & Price pub is opening in the village I can sense your excitement already


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