Thwarted in Curthwaite last Saturday, but redemption came 10 minutes later at Moorhouse’s Royal Oak.

You see ? Google Maps collecting all this personal data about me and Mrs RM; it’ll probably start sending me adverts for houses in the west of Carlisle soon. There’s some nice houses,

and some decent pubs, like Great Orton’s Wellington and the Drover’s Rest on the Wall, but it’s awfully quiet (and flat), which reminds me of the Fens and no-one wants to be reminded of the Fens once they’ve escaped.

If we’d done Hadrian’s Wall properly last May we could have detoured to Moorhouse pre-emptively; it says “Real Ales” so it was always due a go in the Guide eventually.

At 12:30 we’re the only customers. What do people DO on Saturdays ?

The entrance is via the back door rather than the front, which makes Mrs RM walk 30 steps more than necessary.

Three handpumps. I’m worried already.

I shouldn’t be. The guvnor pulls through the Tim Taylor Landlord Dark (Ram Tam), knows his stuff, and enthuses about beer. Which is gorgeous, cool and rich (NBSS 3+). A lovely beer, rarely seen.

He then goes on to stoke the fire, the only heating in the pub, and leaves us to enjoy Everton v Man U on the TV. We left just as United went a goal down. Hoorah !

Lovely pub. Just add customers.

14 thoughts on “TIMMY TAYLOR DARK

  1. Grey paint outside warns of grey paint inside there.
    “A lovely beer, rarely seen” – Mr Thomas’s Chop House was the only place I’ve seen and drunk it in many many years. .

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  2. You beat me to it with the Landlord Dark, Martin. our local Sainsbury’s are now stocking it in bottled form, and very good it is too.

    I wondered whether it was the same beer as Ram Tam, and from what you say, it looks like it is. We are unlikely to find any in cask form, around here, though.

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      1. A few years ago I knew a retired potato farmer from I think Wiltshire who would tell me about different varieties of potatoes used at various times of the year and how he could recognise them.
        Who needs flavourings ?


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