Grange-over-Sands proves not ALL pubs called “Keg & Kitchen” are rubbish

A fifth and final pub in Cumbria on my Saturday Lakes raid, and a first ever trip to Grange-over-Sands.

Half an hour walk from Cartmel in glorious sunshine, lacking only a place to take a wee without the attention of runners, golfers and curious horses.

The descent down to the Keg & Kitchen is exhilarating, and I realise I have no idea what to expect from Grange (pop 4,042) or a pub with such a naff name.

What I don’t expect is a sports bar vibe with real fire, darts,

the canine cast of 101 Dalmations, and microbrewery beer from up the road in Cartmel.

No-one shows any interest in Blackburn v Fulham, and who can blame them ?

Very lively, with loud Lancastrians proclaiming “I want INDEPENDENCE, and I want to JOIN EUROPE“.

I sense the middle-aged customers had been drinking even longer than I had on Saturday, and that’s OK.

My Unsworth Red was very good, a cool, rich 3.5 with a classic head,

and the punk soundtrack was as good as you could hope to drown out the football.

And the Gents had all you need for a fun evening (apparently).

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