The day after returning to Sheffield from London we had to head straight back down south for a family emergency (don’t worry, the Doom Bar cellar hasn’t been raided).

I negotiated a stop in Oxon (3 pubs needed) on the way, having seen the public transport options for Burford were a challenge;

Mrs RM parked up in the golden High Street and said “Bring me back chocolate be quick then”.

It was drizzling, I’d lost Internet, I couldn’t remember the pub name, but I knew I’d already been to this one with its hilarious advertising.

Oh yes, the Angel. Looks oddly familiar too, but 23% of Oxon pubs are called the Angel (& Artichoke starter) and 37% are Hook Norton.

Looks gorgeous at night,

but inside was a sea of gastro.

“Sorry Sir, all tables taken”.

“Can I just stand at the bar with a half. I’ll drink it in 20 seconds, honest. You see, my wife…”

“Ah, say no more”

He was a good sort, even though it wasn’t the sort of place you stand at the bar, and I sensed the Old Hooky wasn’t flying out as quick as I was.

I confess, I may have taken 22 seconds, and then out into the night with a “Well played” following me.

Unsatisfactory in nearly every respect, except the tick.

Could the county town deliver the goods ?

2 thoughts on “BURFORD BIFFED. IN 20 SECONDS.

  1. And with Covid paraphernalia still in use… Doesn’t strike me as a town where you’d stumble across a one-roomed back street boozer.

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