Back on t’tram, or whatever it’s called, and a jolly stretch along the North Tyne back towards the Toon.

Before jumping off at Chillingham Road. Newcastle feels vast when you’re on the tram.

And Chillingham Road, the main drag of studenty Heaton, feels like a different world compared to Byker lying below it.

A police operation was in force, with flashing lights a sports car being hauled away, bringing the whole of Heaton to a halt. Staff and patrons of the Heaton Tap were oblivious to the drama.

Micropubs can be a bit cheerless, but the chap here was chatty and friendly and said “Good choice” when I randomly picked the 6% Stout. And it was, a 3.5 at least.

The front bar looked tiny, tinier even than that Hard Time & Misery in Liverpool that’s changed its name thrice, but there’s an equally tiny back room playing “Let It Roll” by Little Feat.

What a joy to see bench seating, wine and copious crisps in a micro. A great conversation about spectacles, too.

They’re not your normal glasses“.

Bi-focal or very focal ?“. 3 days on, I’m still thinking about that question.

Anyway, enough of up-and-coming Heaton with its cafe culture and Bao buns, let’s big up Byker.

Starting with Ringtons.

7 thoughts on “HEATON EYEFULS

  1. Heaton Tap is my closest boozer now after I moved at the back end of last year, although I usually wander down to Tyne Bar with the hound. Rob the HT owner is also NEC chair of the The Society for The Preservation of Beers from the Wood.


      1. Known him for years, after he took on the Tap & Spile in North Shields. He’s also running the Seven Stars in North Shields for Three Kings Brewery now so that’ll undoubtedly need a visit from you in the next GBG season.

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      2. Now I’ve finished Tyne & Wear so early I expect I’ll be back for some revisits inc. the Tynemouth. The problem is having a list of newbies to hand. CAMRA need to do a GBG-future edition.


  2. Could that be varifocal, perchance? I had them before cataract surgery. Don’t need glasses anymore (spectacles, that is, still need beer glasses)

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