The “cultural” post from Wakefield, cultural centre of the Rhubarb Triangle.

Among it’s many nearby attractions are a coal mining museum, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Indian takeaway where I once rated a Peshwari Naan a NPNSS 4.5, and the place where I had my first Astra Zeneca jab, whose protection lasted at least till I got in the pub back home.

The vaccination centre was next to the Hepworth, the star in Wakey’s firmament since they don’t really promote a Cathedral that looks more special at dusk.

Just outside the barrier there’s a sculpture exhibition, possibly of pieces loaned from the Hepworth.

The lanes north of the main shopping street are very atmospheric, full of modern brasseries and cocktail bars. It’s truly “the Wigan of the East”. And either of them can use that slogan for free.

Perhaps 5pm on a Thursday isn’t the time to assess Wakefield’s post-Covid renaissance.

But I was impressed with what we call the civic quarter, and the majestic Town Hall.

45 minutes to fit in the museum, a second pub and a 10 minute stride back to Kirkgate Station.

A shame I consume 8 of those minutes attempting to find a way in to the museum, not realising it was in the basement of the library.

“I am Wakefield Museum’s Visitor”, as the Reader’s Digest would have said, and I get special treatment including a lengthy explanation I don’t need, as surely everyone knows I’m heading straight for the display on Pontefract cakes.

The argument over the Elgin marbles is NOTHING compared to the dispute between Wakefield and Pontefract over the rightful home for those cake tins.

It’s a lovely compact social history museum with the usual 1920s domestic scene, childhood toys and sports memorabilia.

I’m sure few people know about the team of Action Men from Alverthorpe who won the 1973 FA Cup Final against Leeds.

You do now.

I knew even less about the musical legacy of the city.

Wakefield must be one of the few cities in the UK to celebrate a gig by Sacha, rather than the Sex Pistols. I like that.

20 minutes was just enough time to do the lot, apart from the children’s play area. I stuck a few coins in the donations box, and headed for the Rock.

10 thoughts on “WAKEFIELD MUSEUM

      1. Yes, they’re pretty similar grounds. I went to matches at both in a weekend on my first trip to the area in 2013: https://whenmyfeetgothroughthedoor.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-weekend-in-west-riding.html

        Just noticed the copy of This Sporting Life in the case with the Wakefield Trinity shirt. David Storey of course came from Wakefield, and the book is set there and the film of it was shot around the town, including the rugby league scenes at Belle Vue.

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      1. Take it easy on the liquorice, It has a well-known laxative effect, if taken in excess, but I’m sure you knew that already.

        ps. Made a couple of visits to Wakefield, in a previous job. I remember a pub close to the station, It might have been the Henry Boon, but I’m not sure now having looked on WhatPub.

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