A Flipping Good Night In Birmingham.

Yet another classic from the King of Walsall.

Evo Boozy Scribbler

Hello everyone. Apologies for the lack of blogs of late. Money and material were both in short supply but with February now upon us things should improve.

So after work on Friday I decided to pop to Birmingham to meet an old friend and get something to write about. It was also a chance for a little birthday drink as tomorrow is the first anniversary of this blog launching. And what a year it has been.

The working day on Friday seemed to go on forever but finally it was 4.30pm and I cantered out of the office. Work over the last two weeks have been trialling lighter skies as we leave and on this day a bit of low hanging Sun was thrown in which really lifted the mood.

Upon reaching the railway station I spotted that a train was due in 4 minutes would which involve a run…

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