You left me in my Congleton tick, planning a leisurely afternoon at Macclesfield Town (and Bass in the Jolly Sailor) before heading home.

I checked the Silkmen’s website on the walk across the park. It was SOLD OUT !

What to do to get some value from my £26.40 ticket (more fool me for not booking tickets in 2019, I guess).

Just then, a giant bear in the bandstand waved at me, and I found my inspiration.

Let’s do Beartown properly. Yes, it was a very bad idea when I should be concentrating my beer in new Guide pubs.

Perhaps it was the lovely blue skies, perhaps that unwise 8.2% Porter. But I went with the flow.

The flow of the River Dane hasn’t yet refloated this steamer near the bridge.

Speaking of Rood Hill bridge, anyone know what this crest is ?

Mountbatten Way lead to some non-woke advertising,

and the Ram’s Head, which I always feel like going in, just so local CAMRA can record a first update since 1998.

Instead, I head for the (non-GBG) Spoons. Quite a rare Guest Ales blackboard.

Well, obviously you know what I WOULD have had, but clearly at 99p Britain’s favourite beer sells like fish’n’chip biscuit, and the pump clip was turned round as demanded by CAMRA.

So I had to have the local beer.

Which was marvellous. Cool, rich, and with just a hint of blueberry. NBSS 3.5+, one of the best pints in a Spoons for some time. As a beer sommelier (trainee), I matched it with the chicken nuggets.

It was good to see the Counting House so full, and so cheery.

Unless you’re one of those commentators on Discourse who reckon Spoons are the preserve of the great unwashed. And now that Colin the Cauliflower has had his annual clean you can’t even say that.


  1. It’s also interesting that the crest they used for centuries before it was made “official” in 1967, and that is found on the bridge, is identical to that of the Vintners’ Company.

    I suspect there must be some kind of link to one of Congleton’s notable sons, Sir James Spencer, who was Master of the Vintners 1516-19 and Lord Mayor of London in 1527.

    Shane’s Gibraltar Porter is ace. And how many adventures start with “Due to the Moss Rose being sold out”?

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