These next few posts are a bit dull. Which is fine, because so is Worthing.

But never mind the quality, feel the ticks. A massive FIVE (5), newbies, and one (1) of them isn’t a micropub, which is an error Adur CAMRA may need to investigate but is surely a Covid issue.

No other town seems able to produce so many new Guide pubs each year, which is both a joy and a frustration for the ticker who knows they’ll be back at Worthing station 12 months later.

I’d offered Mrs RM (pictured below) the opportunity to accompany me on this tickathon, but now I look at that map and see the first 3 pubs alone took 4 miles I’m glad she was busy. The fact you pass about 37 kebab shops in the first half-mile isn’t a selling point, either, though the Leo Sayer art trail might be.

Quite what she’d have thought about the Brewhouse & Kitchen I can’t imagine.

It’s a grand old building, between Amelia and Victoria parks, looking like a slightly sinister old guesthouse we once paid £32 for in Corbridge.

Mrs RM likes shiny, but these bars with barrels are a bit old hat now, aren’t they ?

A vast sprawling place, nearly empty at 18:00, rescued by good staff but let down by the usual B & K homewbrew.

Believe me, that Porter was very thin (2.5). I’d have been better off drinking the hand gel (not really, it was a sour).

Blondie sang “One Way Or Another“, and I contemplated squeezing that into my blog title, one way or another.

But sometimes, I just can’t be bothered.

The next pub was great though.


  1. We had a weeks holiday in Worthing back in the late 70’s & armed with a GBG we had a splendid time . Our colleagues at work thought we were bonkers but we were never into package holidays to Spain etc.I guess Worthing is a bit like Eastbourne at the moment


    1. It is a bit like Eastbourne, that’s a good comparison, Pauline. Perhaps Eastbourne is a bit smarter with wealthy retirees and the tennis crowd. Worthing’s pebbly suburbs seem to go on for miles and miles !


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