I wasn’t going to bother sharing early photos of Sheffield’s new Spoons, but since Sheffield Hatter hasn’t reviewed it for Pubs Galore yet there’s a gap in the market.

Out near Sheffield’s second indoor shopping centre, the Scarsdale Hundred is unlikely to force BRAPA to make a second trip out east for a tick.

But it’s a decent and absolutely heaving Spoons, reminding me of the one near Luton’s lovely Arndale.

Loads about Beighton,

and one of the more ambitious beer ranges in a Timbo emporium this year.

I was driving, so just the two flat whites and a scribbled note to self asking me to get Will to join me here for a session on the Bradfield.

Later that night I succumbed to Mrs RM’s demands and popped out to the Blond Monkey, where she finally matched Blackpool Jane and moved onto Don Valley’s 9% Chocolate Stout.

I only know it was 9% because the barman told me when I questioned why it was £9 a pint. There’s absolutely no way Mrs RM would ever have noticed. It was lush, as the kids say.

6 thoughts on “NEW SPOONS ON SUNDAY

  1. I love the fact spoons plough on regardless and their pubs are often full…it shows that social media is fairly irrelevant…apart from your blog of course 😀

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