One more from Glamorgan before I hit Newport (Newport), always a life highlight.

The GBG says Llanharry. Google says Llanhari. Sort it out before the next Guide, will ya ?

There is little in life that can beat a pub at dusk.

Unless it’s empty, which is the modal outcome for pubs in 2022.

But the Fox & Hounds is alive and well at the magic hour, half a dozen sweary regulars saying “Good to see someone ******* working”. They aren’t talking to me.

My glasses steam up as I stand at the bar, hoping for more barmaid sympathy a la Cardiff. But not this time.

It’s the sort of place you’d expect Worthingtons Bitter (Whoosh) in 1996, or Butty Bach in 2022, but instead an unexpectedly crafty place, with a gorgeously smooth Tiny Rebel in a Beavertown glass.

The soundtrack is “Ambient rarities”, a distorted “The The” deep cut I guess, and it’s all a bit weird.

I score the beer 3.5, realise just how good the beer has been so far, and contemplate waiting till 5 for the adjacent chip shop to open.

Just for research, like.

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