A big thanks to Vale of Glamorgan CAMRA for sticking their GBG pubs so close to train stations; much appreciated.

Even the Blue Anchor in East Aberthaw was a short hop from the airport station, though it seemed the most remote pub in the world.

Except for the holiday park, lime works, cement works and power station (not the band) of course.

I’m sure the Blue Anchor has been on my “Famous but not necessarily GBG Pubs To Do List” for years, or am I mixing it up with the Stingo pub in Cornwall ?

Who knows, but it’s a 14th century multi-roomed gem with 75 years in the same family, so must be good, eh ? (not always).

The car park is packed, but I can’t see any lights on and I’m anxious that it’s closed. But after reading 2 pages of Covid rules I find the door opens and I start a 2 minute hunt for life.

In the third room I find a group of gentlefolk arguing over the bill, and all is well, but I still can’t see a bar, or handpumps, let alone staff.

Yes, it’s gorgeous, but I sense I won’t do it justice.

Oh, is that a chaise lounge ?

No, just a very ancient bench seat.

A nice lady appeared, then two more. I was asked to sit down (ever so politely, but firmly), offered a menu I declined, and asked what I wanted.

What beers have you got. I can’t see the bar“.

We’ve got 6X, Sir, a 4.3% malty best bitter from the Wiltshire town of Devizes“. “That’ll do“.

My memory is of some fairly average beer in Wales, but my notes tell a different story. A 6X for the ages; cool and crisp (NBSS 4). Unexpectedly good in a pub where I doubt cask in king.

But 6X ? Whatever happened to national pride, Wales ? Where’s the Double Dragon ?

10 thoughts on “THE BLUE ANCHOR (T’OTHER ONE)

      1. I hope you’re not complaining! Just think how boring your retirement would be without us to keep you amused. And on your toes.

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  1. Mrs. E. and I had a very similar walk round, and round, without seeing a bar too a few weeks back. If we’d gone in the other door then there it would have been.

    We got the same polite but firm request too.

    We ended up not staying – there was only one tiny table left, half surrounded by a group whose dog prevented us from sitting down. They seemed to prefer not to move it, and the barman who had shown us there didn’t ask them to move it either, and given the whisperingly quiet atmosphere – it was packed with diners eating in near silence – we thought that we’d move on.

    It’s a characterful enough place though,

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  2. Cask is absolutely king at the blue anchor but double dragon is awful stuff.
    There are so many brilliant brewers in wales and if you hadn’t said yes to the first beer there would undoubtably been a couple of welsh brews on.
    The bench seat is 20 years old and very unremarkable but the black oak settle in the main bar (only room you seem to have missed) is certainly ancient.


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