Never mind beer debates. Anyone notice how virtually every Brain’s glass is scuffed ? Are they still using 1997 stock or do the Welsh lick the glasses as they can’t lick handpumps at the moment ?

My 3 Cardiff ticks in the bag, I headed to the vibrant city centre to see whether the famous brew was improved since my last visit.

Hope you like my arty photo of a car speeding past the castle.

Three (3) of you responded to my Twitter request for good Brains. I must say, I’d hoped for four.

I had to hide the response from Mrs RM which was just rude. Jem‘s suggestion was the best, but I’d been to the City Arms on my last visit 3 years ago. And I misunderstood our Suffolk correspondent and looked hopelessly for the Goat Major, which would have been my choice.

Blue Bell ? Never heard of it !

So I took the advice of Rob from Greater Scunthorpe and headed for the Old Arcade, probably the first Cardiff pub I ever went in during my embryonic pubbing career (1994, first GBG).

It’s a handsome place with Heritage interior, rather undersold on What Pub.

Yes, it’s a rugby pub,

but I first visited before Cambridge United’s 7-2 win at Ninian Park 28 years ago, when you couldn’t move, let alone reach the bar.

How things change.

Where have the Old Boys gone ? Is this Dryanuary, or Omicron, or Blue Monday (early) ? Bar one table, everyone was under 25.

Still, love those big Brain’s pump clips. The SA must have been so shiny I couldn’t resist, as otherwise I would have gone Dark, a sighting as rare as that of Greene King XX Mild.

Again, beautifully presented, an ideal temperature, just a bit dull.

Shift the brewing to Wolverhampton under Marston’s care and see the beers soar.

Back to the drizzle, where I ordered my takeaway from the oddly-named Bage, and considered an ill-advised finale at the Goat Major, which was now the Blue Bell, also an ill-advised change.

But there was no Brain’s Bitter there, so I went crafty in Brew Monster.

No cask, but lovely people and a smooth Leviathan.

Can you score keg ? I have no idea. I’m sure I’ve scored in-laws, and I definitely scored the crispy beef and Singapore Rice from Bage (NCTSS 3+), though it’s possible I left Baa Baa Toure to upload the scores.

Bet the first comment is about the apostrophe, or lack thereof.

8 thoughts on “BEST BRAINS IN CARDIFF ?

      1. Aw, Martin, I’d stop all pubs from having a military-themed name. Or a sporting one.

        People would be far less likely to get hit in them, perhaps.


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