Not literally licked, that would breach Scottish Covid rules. You’ll have to travel across the border, like Red in Shawshank, to lick pumps in Carlisle or Berwick or Longtown.

Just a GBG tick licked as I continue my Scottish Birthday Hop round the Ayrshire coast.

There are three (3) inevitabilities about any ticker’s tour;

1) There will be at least one (1) unexpectedly closed pub despite opening hours on What Pub being updated and Scottish pubs usually never closing. And so it was that No. 47 in Troon had just revised opening from 10:30 to 15:00. On the upside they were open till 2:30 in the morning, not much use.

2) A totally expected urgent need for our ticker to have a wee in a remote place. Duncan called Portencross Castle the “best place for a p**s in the world”, or perhaps it was me.

3) The chauffeur on the trip making a desperate attempt to find a parking space mere feet from the tick.

You probably thought that was Duncan standing guard outside The Three Reasons in Largs, didn’t you ?

Duncan was surprised I hadn’t been here when it was called Charlie Smiths, but I’d only done Dave McKay’s, John McGregor’s and Tom Cobleigh’s so I think it was new.

This was the most Covid conscious place so far, with table service, staff standing over you while you did the check-in, and those perspex dividers between tables.

Despite, or because, of that it was the fullest pub so far. Full of gentlefolk diners for the first time.

As you’ll note from the flashy mobility scooter, still a bar for the drinker, though the boozers at the bar seem a bit incongruous in such a Covid secure environment.

Fairytale of New York“, snooker on the telly, and a very dull half of Belhaven 80/ (2.5).

Those of you who can do sums will see I was here for all of 2 minutes and 34 seconds, with a loo stop included. Can that be true ? It can, and it still felt 2 minutes too long.

3 thoughts on “LARGS LICKED

  1. Interesting question about despite or because of checks. My observation over recent weeks is that the older crowd seem happier to go to places where these checks are happening. On a recent trip to N Ireland pretty much everyone seemed happy to go and it was strictly observed. Pictures of the Portencross incident are available on my pay site.

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