Only a fourth visit to Berwick, and a flying one this time to tick a first new entry since Leicester won the league and I had to endure their defining win at City in the Barrels.

Despite sticking the Barrels in my Top 100 it’s dropped out the Guide, replaced by a couple of micros. I offer no comment, but the local football team dropped out of the (Scottish) league as a punishment.

Berwick felt far too quiet a few days before Christmas.

Despite the competitive pricing at Bedrocks Nightclub, clearly a refugee from Ashton-Under-Lyme.

But in parts the town remains beautiful, particularly in the colourful, cobbled streets winding down to the river.

and certainly is full of thriving independent business such as Atelier.

Busy, perhaps uncomfortably so with platters of cheese and meat brushing past me at the bar, but I loved a quirky little place with room for the drinker at the bar as well as the pashmina’d grazer.

The beer (North Eastern Golden Fap) looks a little ropey in this photo, but was a solid 3.

The views from Old and New bridges across the Tweed; I’d give them a 4.

4 thoughts on “TWICE OVER THE TWEED

  1. Nips and Dash is oddly not explained on the Internet. I know what the term means, but what does it mean on a drinks menu? What would people assume they were ordering?

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      1. Exactly. Well, any single spirit and a dash of mixer off the gun.
        Was in Berwick a few years ago, loved it. And you’re right, everything is as cheap as chips.

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