My first base in Scotland on the Birthday Tickathon was Innerleithen, with a secret “v” in the pronunciation of course.

This affluent looking Borders town on the southern tip of the Pencuiks gave me easy access to three (3) Guide ticks, about as good value as I’ll get anywhere at this stage in GBG completion.

Let’s start in Eddleston, whose only famous feature is the Polish map of Scotland it was too dark to see;

Wow, looks great, like that floating weather map in Liverpool Docks.

I could see the Horseshoe though, a rambling hotel taking up half the village in the style of a Crossroads Motel.

Nice fontage, again.

And a little peephole so you can stare in from the street and see how much blog potential there is before you nip in.

Not much, I’m afraid, with December 2021 being about as busy as a micropub on a Monday (when they’re all closed).

A chap in a uniform ushered me through to the bar, called on someone younger to serve me, and let me choose my own table. Which would have been exciting if they hadn’t all looked like dining tables.

The highlight of my stay was being licked by the giant dog of the young couple opposite, which tells you how exciting it was, though the Pentland IPA was a solidly cool and foamy NBSS 3.

And to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even have mentioned this in the blog except for one startling feature outside that I nearly missed completely;

Now, Greene King, THAT is how to do a pub sign.

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