30 minutes free WiFi in the Travelodge near Manchester Victoria (£25), of which I’ve already wasted 7 minutes.

The WiFi isn’t even good enough to upload my map extract, so your homework today is to find Lambeth North on the map.

After walking past a Fullers pub last time out, we get to go in one now, a lovely corner pub whose colour scheme will thrill Portsmouth fans.

I thought The Hercules was a tribute to Sir Elton, but it’s Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” that greets you in this open plan Fullers diner.

Like a mini Parcel Yard with giant pumps, guest beers and craft keg.

And scary prices; £2.75 for a decent (NBSS 3) half of Pride. Ouch !

But it’s pretty busy, and the tables that aren’t filled have little labels reserving them for Mr Thomas (not Tim) for an hour hence.

Like all Fullers pubs not graced by BRAPA after six pints, it’s a bit dull, though a bloke opposite with those massive headphones shaking his head allows me to play “Guess which Coldplay track he’s listening to“.

The Gents are the highlight;

A schooner of Doom Bar if you can identify the Pokalsieger.

What is it with Germans and their stickers ? The lamp posts on the route to the Etihad are covered in them.

Pullover bloke and puffer jacket boys” say my notes. Possibly an attempt to capture the essence of the crowd; possibly a line from the Dire Straits track that had started. You may never know…

OK, the route gets tricky now; let’s go north.


  1. “What is it with Germans and their stickers ?” More importantly, what is it with Fuller’s and their strange looking hand-pulls?

    Postmodernist, or just trying to make a statement, but I’ve been in several of their pubs recently, and it’s almost as if they’re trying to disguise the hand-pulls and make them look like keg taps.

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